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About Us


We invite you to AOI Business Consulting, which transforms organizations in diverse industries by partnering with c-suite executives and boards to establish and navigate their strategic, operational and functional course. We leverage our extensive expertise  in financial, IT, and talent management to help organizations excel. By evaluating their 3 pillars – people, process, and technology – we deliver impacting results again and again.

We Flex Like an Accordion

At AOI, we help your organization achieve its goals, resolve challenges, and become more efficient. We flex like an accordion by offering a diverse array of professional business consulting services within the following 5 areas: Automation & Digital Transformation, Operations, Business Strategy, Social Equity, and Leadership & Talent to positively impact your organization.

Do you seek a sustainable financial footprint, business acumen to guide your management decisions, IT leadership and expertise, and/or staff development? AOI commits to top-quality service and value-added results. Envision increasing revenues, reducing costs, accomplishing important IT initiatives on time, and far more.

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AOI Differentiates & Impacts

AOI Business Consulting differentiates and impacts clients via our:

  • Focus on values and a calling to impact organizations, the community, and the world;

  • Intention of doing things the right way for the right reasons;

  • Local to global partnerships with experienced, values-driven team members and vendors;

  • Commitment to deliver top-quality service;

  • Strong service model and close client partnerships;

  • Exceptional, value-added results;

  • Success in helping organizations grow and excel.

our team

Our Team

Meet Dionne Denson!

Leading AOI Forward

Dionne Denson, founder/partner, directs AOI Business Consulting’s financial management portfolio, while partner Stewart Weaver leads IT initiatives, and together they oversee talent management. Calling upon more than 20 years of financial management, Dionne brings her AOI clients a specialization in budget management, financial planning & analysis, accounting and financial management, cash management, and strategic planning.

Clients recognize Dionne’s passion to use her knowledge and expertise for the good causes and good people. She partners with organizations and their teams, develops practical and innovative solutions to complex business problems, and creates new organizational opportunities.

Contributions & Expertise

As a successful, driven leader, Dionne has held numerous executive and senior leadership positions in transportation, property management, and healthcare industries prior to forming AOI. During her expansive career, Dionne often represented the client for consulting firms, thus “I’ve been on the other side of the table procuring professional services. So, I provide a unique lens of what services are necessary as well as   best approaches to leverage them within your organization,” she said.

Dionne is known for her passion to continually pursue and find innovative solutions.  She skips industry buzz words and jargon as well as complex reports. Dionne believes in substantive conversations and understanding an organization’s needs, so that AOI can help clients fill their company voids and achieve greater efficiency and success. Dionne focuses on getting down to practical and implementable business strategies to deliver results.



Giving To the Profession & the Community

Throughout her career, Dionne has delivered presentations and trainings on various financial management topics. As a panelist for professional networks on a wide range of topics, Dionne has presented leading and managing a multigenerational workforce, the expanding roles of a finance executive, and the importance of performance management.

Dionne is a published author on topics of finance technology and government finance.  She holds a Master’s in Accountancy and considers herself a life-long learner, and aspirational visual artist.

Dionne recognizes the importance of mentorship. She has participated in several mentorship programs helping young professionals with interview skills, resume review, and leadership and professional development planning.

Meet Stewart Weaver!


Leading AOI Forward

Stewart Weaver directs the Information Technology portfolio at AOI Business Consulting.

With more than 30 years of IT expertise, Stewart learns about and understands a client’s business goals and challenges. He offers “less talking and more listening” to understand clients’ goals, challenges, people, and processes. He suggests the right business solutions using technology and the pros and cons of each. Stewart guides clients in replacing outdated technology and investing in systems that more efficiently accomplish their goals.

Contributions & Expertise

Having been known as an “Athlete CIO,” Stewart has impacted a wide variety of industries, such as: Communications/Technology, Healthcare, Hospitality/Leisure, Finance/Technology, and Government.  With his business expertise and a focus on IT, he can make an impact within any industry.

Stewart’s expertise drives performance by focusing on aligning processes and streamlining technology. He believes organizations should automate as much as possible while virtualizing   physical infrastructure and increasing data security. He has a keen ability to develop talent, and is known for his ability to build and grow agile IT teams.

Stewart possesses a strong IQ/EQ and Adaptability Quotient (AQ), as demonstrated by his ability to transition into and ultimately thrive in large, matrixes organizations with various culture and business models. As an agent of change, he shapes business outcomes by building a success roadmap and gaining stakeholder buy-in.

Giving To the Profession & the Community

As a thought leader, Stewart has been a member of technology advisory boards and a featured speaker at IT executive panels and roundtable events.

This certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) holds an Executive M.B.A. Stewart feels it is his calling to mentor the next generation. This engaging mentor is looking to pave the way for young men and women in information technology.

Meet Felicia Lewis


Felicia supports the financial management client portfolio. Felicia has over 25 years of financial and risk management experience within the banking industry. She is dedicated to excellence with a strong focus on client advocacy and collaborative communications. Throughout her career, Felicia has held several diverse positions in treasury management, vendor performance, communications management, and business controls. She is a supportive leader that holds a Master’s in Business Administration with a specialization in Organizational Leadership.

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